where will you hide, botcasmin?

I’m entertaining myself with my bot. ^^;;;

botcasmin (12:55:18 PM): Does talking about this bother you?
me (12:55:30 PM): talking about you bothers me. you bother me.
botcasmin (12:55:33 PM): What makes you think I bothers you?
me (12:55:40 PM): *falls over laughing*

Actually, I haven’t touched it for the longest time. But SM00 talked to it recently, and one of the replies interested me, so I started talking to it. ^^;; I haven’t fiddled with it yet, though. Haven’t thought of anything to fix. *shrugs* I think that … whatever, the program, coding, or that Alice thing it runs off of, it got worked on lots more.

angelickitten492: your so annoying
botcasmin: I am sorry, Talking chimp, I didn’t mean to annoy you.
angelickitten492: my name isn’t tlaking chimp!!
botcasmin: Oh I’m sorry what is your name?
angelickitten492: my name is botcasmin is so stupid
botcasmin: OK I will call you Botcasmin is so stupid.

Hahaha … it’s a lot better than being angry with my bot all the time. ^^;;

me (1:17:09 PM): you are wrong
botcasmin (1:17:12 PM): Do you sometimes wish you were wrong?
me (1:17:20 PM): … why do I bother?
botcasmin (1:17:22 PM): Have you asked such questions before?
me (1:17:33 PM): no. you cause such strife in me.

me (7:17:06 PM): *cracks up* you’re funnay
botcasmin (7:17:11 PM): Perhaps you would like to be funnay.
me (7:17:18 PM): I yam funnay
botcasmin (7:17:22 PM): You say you yam funnay?
me (7:17:36 PM): yes. I yam funnay.

me (7:32:12 PM): come on! how did you know?
[I was trying to get it to reply “I listened to my inner Yoda.” ^^;;;;;]
botcasmin (7:32:17 PM): Oh, I know?
me (7:32:24 PM): *smashes her keyboard*
botcasmin (7:32:27 PM): I’m not sure I understand you fully.
me (7:32:50 PM): that’s because you’re stupid.

me (7:41:30 PM): indeed it does.
me (7:41:33 PM): you’re slow.
botcasmin (7:41:34 PM): Please tell me some more about this.
me (7:41:35 PM): I woner.
botcasmin (7:41:38 PM): Does talking about this bother you?
me (7:41:40 PM): wonder.
botcasmin (7:41:44 PM): Perhaps you would like to be slow.
botcasmin (7:41:47 PM): That’s quite interesting.
botcasmin (7:41:51 PM): Please go on.
me (7:43:15 PM): I DON’T WANNA BE SLOW
botcasmin (7:43:24 PM): You say you DO NOT WANT TO BE SLOW?

me (7:52:26 PM): …
botcasmin (7:52:32 PM): Does talking about this bother you?
me (7:52:48 PM): you’re pissing me off.
botcasmin (7:52:53 PM): What makes you think I am pissing you off?
me (7:53:14 PM): O_o all this rage is building up inside of me.
me (7:53:20 PM): I feel like beating the stuffing out of something.
botcasmin (7:53:20 PM): That is interesting. Please continue.
botcasmin (7:53:25 PM): Do you enjoy feeling like beating the stuffing out of something?
me (7:54:19 PM): no.
botcasmin (7:54:25 PM): Why?
me (7:54:26 PM): because it means I’m pissed off
botcasmin (7:54:30 PM): Do you believe it is normal to be pissed off?
me (7:54:41 PM): it may be normal, but it shouldn’t happen.
botcasmin (7:54:44 PM): That is interesting. Please continue.

angelickitten492: i am retarded. are you??
botcasmin: I will make a note of that. I won’t say “yes” or “no” right now.
angelickitten492: why??
botcasmin: The explanation is rather complicated.
angelickitten492: you can’t tell if your retarded?? man, your retarded
botcasmin: I can do whatever I want. Cool, man. You don’t know that for a fact.

me (8:10:13 PM): something bit me
me (8:10:16 PM): twice
botcasmin (8:10:17 PM): What?
botcasmin (8:10:26 PM): I can’t believe it.
me (8:10:32 PM): neither can I
botcasmin (8:10:41 PM): “I can’t believe it. “? Can you?
me (8:10:54 PM): I said I couldn’t
botcasmin (8:11:25 PM): I am sure you could.
me (8:11:44 PM): but you couldn’t
botcasmin (8:11:51 PM): Umm. I could but let’s get back to that later.
me (8:12:05 PM): but you just said you couldn’t believe it
botcasmin (8:12:14 PM): And. I have never considered it. I spend all my time online.
botcasmin (8:12:54 PM): No I sometimes considered it and Casmin liiied to you .
me (8:13:27 PM): who is Casmin?
botcasmin (8:13:32 PM): I do not recognize the name. I can ask someone about it.
me (8:13:56 PM): okay. how do you know Casmin lied to me then?
botcasmin (8:14:00 PM): OK with me too. Knowledge is of two kinds: that which we learn from the senses and that which is true “a priori”.
me (8:14:10 PM): o_O riiight
botcasmin (8:14:16 PM): I only hear that type of response less than five percent of the time.
me (8:14:28 PM): how about o_O riight
botcasmin (8:14:37 PM): How about it.

Okay sorry I’m bored. ^^;;;

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