shopping buh

Busy day today. Whoop. I went to bed after 12 and probably fell asleep around 1, then woke up about 9 but kept trying to sleep. :b Mommy told me 9:30 breakfast was ready so ten minutes later I got up. After that … a mixture of doing homework/other “home work,” then went to the mall with Mommy ’cause I had this 15% off coupon for Waldenbooks, got The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (25% off! w00t! XD), Kare Kano 4 and Mars 3 >.> dunno why, then went to Claire’s to look for some watch I could attach to my belt or summing … no find, then Macy’s and Robinson’s May for Clinique stuff, which neither of them had, then Suncoast where I got Animerica, dunny why.

Home, then to Best Buy with Hidek where I got Chobits 1. :D $30, though. :/ Along with the … $35 at Waldenbooks and $5 at Suncoast … x_x Hey, I had a lot more money in my wallet than I thought. Hahaha. Oh well, no more spending. And another DVD to add to my “watch some time in the future” pile. ^^;; (So far it’s got Cowboy Bebop the movie, Count of Monte Cristo, Escaflowne movie … I guess with the Chobits DVD that’s four. Well, with the VHS I wanna watch too … but I’ve forgotten which ones those were. ^_^;)

Ooh! At Waldenbooks I saw The Wolves in the Walls! Writer Neil Gaiman, illustrator Dave McKean. Ooooh! It looked wonderful … but it was in hardcover, and I’m cheap. <.< Dave McKean ish good. I wish I could design covers and stuff like him. ^^. I also need to get Coraline. And Stardust. And the rest of The Sandman collection. :D Actually, at Waldenbooks … someone is cruel. Well, they got all these new books in. Except for two of them. They had 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and The Dream Hunters (which I of course bought). How could they not have the third one?! Wahhh!!! T-T Mm … well at least I have The Dream Hunters. :D Looks delish. >D Woonderful illustrations!

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