tv; Chobits DVD

Woo. Tonight I watched 7th Heaven and some family tv awards. Dunno why. Just felt like it. Oh yeah. Wanted to know when the season premieres are. Sept 15. Remind me to make a note to watch it …

Right now the news is on. The first 12 minutes were taken up by a car chase. -.- Hal Fishman voiced his opinion of them. XD GoOo Hal! :b

I forgot the digital camera yesterday … o_O I wrote a note for myself on a piece of paper that I looked at several times during the day. I even told Daddy, “Oh yeah, I need the digital camera for graphics class.” And I forgot it. -.- Well, still, I think it’s unfair for her to make us take a camera to class, and carry a camera everywhere. It’s a graphics class!! ¬_¬ I don’t wanna carry my digital camera around campus. Sucks.

Watched Chobits today with Noelle and SM00. And Auntie watched it at the end while she was making dinner. Hehehe … ^-^ It was weird watching Chii move.

Went to the beach. Well. Not THE beach. :b It was for geology. Field trips, woo. *waves tiny flag* We went to Mugu Lagoon. o.o And stopped on the highway by … Calleguas Creek. And stopped at Thornhill Broom (???). And Mugu Beach. Yeah. Veeery different from the beach I go to in LA. :b Or even the one Noelle and her family go to. Yeah well … it still gave me a headache and tired me out. x_x