there’s no looking back

Gahh. Getting bored with this layout. O.o Especially the Evanescent font. *points to title* Can’t look at it anymore!

Yeah, well anyway … for an hour and a half after we got back from class, I read and finished Smoke and Mirrors. XD About 150 pages in 90 minutes. w00t.

It got weirder the farther I got in. o_O From “What’s the collective noun for people who work in banks?” to “Babycakes” *shudders* to “Snow, Glass, Apples.” (From the intro, in regards to the last story:) “I’d like to think of this story as a virus. Once you’ve read it, you may never be able to read the original in the same way again.” He’s right about that. o.X And, *giggles* he was embarrassed whenever he worked on “Tastings.” *laughs* I love it.