Simpson-y goodness

I watched SIMPSONS! Yeah! XD It was the episode with the Venus de Milo gummy and the “Homer Bad Man” and the harrassment and the Rock Bottom and the … Simpson-y goodness.

Bart and Lisa: *hugs tv* Homer: Are you kids hugging the tv?! Bart and Lisa: No! *kisses tv* :b [end of episode:] Homer: Let’s never fight again. *hugs tv*

And … no dream in this entry. Although it probably isn’t as good a dream as I think it is. Heh … heh … and it’s probably because I was in it. Otherwise, it’s probably boring and mundane and nothing new. Yeah … well, it started out with me “waking up” in a bed in the cabin of a ship (think 1800s). The story that comes to mind, as I’m staring at the skylight in the ceiling (it actually looks better than it sounds), is that I fell or got sick, or something, so the captain of the ship offered me his bed. That’s where I’ve spent the past few days recuperating, while he slept elsewhere. Boring, yes? The rest of it tomorrow.

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