don’t ask, don’t tell

I am really really really annoyed at the moment. To put it nicely. >_< But I don’t want to talk about it.

Lisa talked about a cat running across the street, and it just reminded me of something that happened a while ago. ^^;; On the way home from classes one day there was this squirrel that was on the side of the street, and it was running along, and Noelle and I went, “Awww.” Then it decided to cross the street right when I passed it so the aww was changed to “AHH!!” Then even more “AHHHH!!” when we looked back and didn’t see the squirrel. x.X When we got home (2) we looked under the car and luckily didn’t see any fur. ^^’ But … where did the squirrel go? o_o

Today, I had a really cool dream. Really really cool. I dreamed I was painting this 3-D mural of angels that was so tall (over 50 feet high) that I need wings to reach the whole thing. XD So I had paints on a table on the ground, a paintbrush in each hand, and wings on my back, which I didn’t feel at all. I kind of wondered how I knew how to use my wings, but then kind of figured, “I guess I just know.” Or, kind of, remember, in a way. :D Except, since this was my first time using wings, I couldn’t keep myself up for very long without tiring out and falling. So I stayed up, then started to fall, then caught myself before I reached the ground. I was about halfway through painting when I got extremely tired (I’ve never been that tired) from flying around, so I fell asleep and didn’t get to complete the mural. T-T

And, since I don’t really want to do anything else, here’s the dream I keep meaning to type up. -_-

I “wake up” in a bed in the cabin of a ship (think 1800s). The story that comes to mind, as I’m staring at the skylight in the ceiling (it actually looks better than it sounds), is that I fell or got sick, or something, so the captain of the ship offered me his bed. That’s where I’ve spent the past few days recuperating, while he slept elsewhere.

I get up to dress myself and pack my few belongings together. By the bed I find a farewell gift from the captain. Touched, I start looking around for something to write him a note with. During my search, this young woman and a man burst into the cabin. After a while they notice me and stare. Since I have no real reason for staying any longer, I leave them to use the bed for their own purposes.

Outside I find that a package has come for the captain, but he’s not on board at the moment (we’re at a port). I leave the ship to find him and tell him about his delivery. He’s in an outhouse-sized building that he made on the beach for his own privacy. I find him in a bad mood when I give him the message, but he seems to perk up a little bit. He sets off running back to his ship with his best friend and his closest crew man.

I hurry off in another direction to find a young man in a cave on the same beach. “André!” I say (or Andrew?). “Edmond has a delivery!” He dusts the sand off his clothes and we run to catch up with the other three men.

At the ship, Edmond the captain has the package sitting on a table. In the crate is a box, which he opens to find two separate compartments lined in deep blue velvet. Both compartments are occupied by more velvet, which the captain pulls aside on one side to reveal two earrings. They have a mother-of-pearl shell hanging from the top, and below that a group of small, elegant pearls. Edmond turns away in disgust, and everyone else slumps in disappointment as well. The appraiser (or purser, not sure what he is) leans over the box to inspect the items and tell everyone the worth (quite a large sum).

A young woman with blonde hair in her late teens or early twenties walks up to the captain, having waited for him to finish, and gives him a ladle with some of the soup she’s cooking. He tells her it’s fine, and perches himself on the table with his back against the wall.

Another young woman, a brunette in her late teens, the same one who came barging in the cabin earlier, enters the room with a tray full of drinks and serves everyone. After she leaves the room, I say to Edmond, “I think you should fire her. She isn’t very good.”

Either she had waited in the hallway after she left the room, or I hadn’t waited long enough for her to get out of earshot, but regardless, she comes back in the room. She tells the captain, all the while staring me in the face, about her mother and her sister and her sister’s children with no one else to help them. Then she says that she’d like to stay on the ship, despite her low wages, and despite the fact that he could very easily afford to give her more money, according to his annual profits. As she says that, she grabs a pile of papers on the table and points to a rather large number at the bottom of the first page, still staring only at me.

I act as if she hadn’t said a thing, and walk past her. With my back to the captain, I say, “I just don’t like the thought of another woman in your bed, although I know there were probably more.”

Later, I’m up on deck all ready to leave, staring at the horizon from the bow while the ship is leaving harbor. Everyone who was in the room before is also on the deck. The captain is brooding and fiddling with something in his hands. The young cook takes a cup from the head cook and drinks down the liquid. She goes into labor and starts screaming, “They’re trying to kill my baby!” over and over. I rush over to calm her down, and her baby is delivered and declared “perfectly healthy” by the head cook in one second.

While all these events were happening the captain just sat there, watching. This infuriates me, so I start yelling at him. I stomp all over the deck in front of him, and fish around in my skirts to find the farewell gift he gave me, three gold coins, each worth £100, and a piece of paper. He doesn’t seem to notice me yelling at him, which angers me more. I yell at him even more, holding the coins in my hand, then I start smiling. I take one of the coins and throw it overboard as hard as I can. That catches the captain’s attention, and he jumps up with a “Hey!” I take another coin and throw it into the ocean in a different direction, then throw the last coin at him and tell him I’m leaving the ship.

He was supposed to ask me to stay, but Daddy woke me up. :b

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