stupid arguments, books, and parking

(Everyone knows I don’t treat the subect titles seriously, right? Good.)

This is how tired I am. I read “Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid …” as stupid argument. o_o Oh well. I dunno what’s wrong. ^^;; And I’m too lazy to contact support.I was getting bored with it anyway. Ahaha. I got rid of the table border lines, and I have no idea how. o_o Couldn’t figure out how to make them come back, either. ¬_¬

Guess what guess what! I is about 40 pages from finishing TMIAHM!! XD I don’t fully understand why it won a Hugo award, though. I like his Time Enough for Love better. A little bit better. Not that much.

I also started reading The F***-Up (no the title is not really censored), which I bought two Fridays ago. On Saturday I also started and completed For All Time. :b I’d been waiting the loongest time to read that. And I think it’s a less than stellar ending. :( Oh well. Then I read Death: At Death’s Door. ^^; Why did I start those three titles? Hm. Because of another title. Namely, Art History, volume I 2nd edition. x_X

Anyway. Back to TFU. I forget when I’d heard about it before. Maybe two or three years before. But uh … yeah. I just saw it sitting at Waldenbooks in the manga section, and since I didn’t see anything else I wanted, I bought it. ^_^; I like the beginning. I’ve read only two or four pages, and it’s rather interesting. But I put it down to try and force myself to read art history. Picked up For All Time instead. :b

Today … when we got to the car after classes, this car was parked on the driver’s side … waaay over the line. Another two inches or so and it could have whacked off the side mirror. I asked Noelle, “How am I supposed to get in there?” and this girl in the parking lot said, “I was thinking that just a second ago.” Ahaha. But you know, I really don’t have a right to be mad since I’m not a good parker either. ^^;; Then again, I never leave my car when it’s sitting on (or OVER) the line or if it’ll be hard for the car next to me to get in or out. Urgh.

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