here there’s only air

I feel sick again. Maybe it’s because I’m resting on my lungs and I’m not getting enough oxygen. ^^;; *has really funky lungs/lung muscles and therefore cannot sleep on her stomach ever* But I is too tiiired to sit up. I also don’t want to sit at the kitchen table. ^_^;; I wanna lie down. But I won’t take a nap. Otherwise I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight. Last night I fell asleep at 1. o_< I actually heard “There There” on my Radiohead album. o.o I never hear it when I listen while falling asleep. ^^; Then I woke up when SM00 turned down her radio. o_O I’ll never understand my sleeping/waking patterns. Or whatever.

I need more sleeep. Not only do I miss notes in class (hm, I think I don’t remember a thing she said in GEAH today >.<), but I tend to not pay attention while driving … But I think I was more awake today than yesterday. ^^;;; Proof? Yesterday the cars ahead of me were going 50 to 55 (and I do mean “50 to 55” … also “55 to 49” and “49 to 53” and up and down and back and forth and … gahh! don’t you people know how to keep your foot on the gas pedal???) and I didn’t really care. I was too busy trying not to tailgate. ^^;; But today I was mad as usual. ^_^;;;; Really, this car in front of me went from 50 mph to 60 mph. Then from 60 to 54. *twitchtwitch* (Yes, the speed limit is 55. Your point being?) And I’m so tired that I kinda sorta forget to ask God to protect me from harm … -_- Oh well. Today is Wednesday. Absolutely nuffing on tv. Hopefully I’ll be in bed by ten. ^^;;

Last night, while falling asleep, I got that feeling I had when I was delirious where I’m ginormously huge and everything around me is big as well and everything’s crowding in on my breathing space, even though everything is so far away from me, and I’m gonna suffocate. o_o Yeah, I didn’t fall asleep for a while after that. But I don’t think I have a fever. I mean, maybe a slight one (99), if at all, but still, nothing high enough to make my brain go wacky. I kept feeling yesterday like I had a fever, but I was sweating, so I knew I didn’t. :/

Oh well, enough of that. I finished The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress!! XD Cooool ending. Except … *whacks* It’s so unfair!! (I hope no one who’s reading this is planning to read TMIAHM.) Mike died! ;-; It’s all so saddening … *sniffs* Oh yeah, Prof died too, but still, he died two times before that, so you get used to the idea. ^^;; But Mike isn’t supposed to die!! Wahhhh!!

… Moving on.

Yesterday I found ^^;;;;; Baaaad. *stares* *stares more* *looks at almost empty wallet* *stares longingly at Death and Dream merchandise* There’s an Endless poster, a poster of Morpheus “capturing the gothic, baroque, moddly lonesome, and grand qualities of the Sandman” (:b~ yeah that is so me), these two statues of Death and Dream that are $195 each, a Death notebook (which I would not write in, so sue me), and a Death wallscroll. *.* Need wallscroll. Neeed. ^^. Coool stuff. *sniffles* I really want.

Also, yesterday, ’cause I was in the looking-for-stuff-I-want-but-can’t-buy mood, I was looking at’s recommendations for me. ^^ I added The Sandman: Endless Nights to my wishlist, and Sandman: King of Dreams, a book about the comic series. ^^;; And no, this is nowhere near obsession. :b

But anyway. Since I was on Amazon I saw that boot on top of the page and remembered my quest for my perfect pair of boots, and went looking through Hot Topic at their boots. ^_^;