we said goodnight

I want a new layout. o_O That girl is bugging me now. Quit staaaaring at me!!!

Well, I think I have a nice EGL pic … think because ever since I downloaded NS 4.7something (which I use for e-mail … NS 7 be slooow … and Outlook Express = faulty), all my JPEG images get saved with a .jpe extension. O_< Half the time it’s recognized as a JPEG and tries to open in PSP, then says it’s not a supported file. The rest of the time it’s marked as an unknown file so I can just rename it and add “.jpg” to the end. Now is not one of those times. -.-;; So I’ve got the data on my compi. But it’s under the wrong file extension!! GAH! Well, I could either set folder preferences to show extensions of known files and rename the extensions, or open Photoshop and resave them. But I’m too lazy and/or busy at the moment. ^^;;; Oh yeah, the third way is to go to the site and resave them (adding .jpg BEFORE I save), but since I had a hard time finding the site last time … and since I found out that the site sells mainly 18+ stuff mostly … o_O I don’t wanna go find it again.

So. Anyway. Uh. I’m kinda studying for Art History. Writing down the terms and definitions. Also have to write down pertinent info on the Greek sculptures. Um. Yeah. I’m kinda almost done. ^^;; One more day tomorrow to study.

Yay, I got a WMV version of My Immortal. ^-^ Now I just need to get something to get screencaptures of WMV files. >_> Such a pretty song … prettty …

And … Ben Moody left Evanescence officially. Wahhhh!!! ;_; So sad!

[trigger warning: suicide]

The movie I wanna see right now is Jisatsu Circle. AKA Suicide Club. ^_^;; It’s a … horror/commentary film. Yes. A bloody film that questions the state of Japanese society. Sound familiar? (Battle Royale … which I still need to see … x_x) But, as this one site says, “…it’s almost a pure antithesis of Battle Royale, in which the adults felt threatened by the youth.” And it has the guy from Mystery Train. ^_^;

This site talks about the plot and stuff. It also pretty much gives away the ending. >_> But then again, I guess it isn’t really the ending that you watch the movie for … ^.^ “Opening with a notorious sequence concerning an exceptionally bloody mass suicide of 54 schoolgirls under a Tokyo-bound train….” Yeah. ^^; Oh yeah. It’s kinda sorta really gruesome, so … if you just ate (which I had, when I read it x_<) don’t go, unless you like the feeling of nausea. (And, I am also not the type of person to get nauseous. I can count on one hand the number of times in my life I felt that way. So … yeah.)

Then this site‘s review says it’s too confusing, that it’s only worth it to see the extreme gore. ^^;; Maaaybe. :) (Amazon has it for $21, region 1 … Region 0s on ebay for … $10 or more. And a SC/BR pack for $20. ^^ Hmmm …)