Christmas then shopping

I got woken up at 8:30. ^^’ I actually got up a little while later. It’s so cold in the morning. ;-;

Christmas was fun. Good food, nice presents, and lovely entertainment (Léon!! XD and a “class” in flower arrangements led by my oldest cousin XP).

N drove to Auntie G’s in his Impala. XD So cool. I wish I were that sure of myself. :/ Big breakfast. Muffins and … danishes? (something, I forget what they’re called), and this sausage/bacon/cheese thing (with mushrooms :x), and another similar plate, a spinach/cheese (a cheese with a fancy name o.o). Gooood breakfast. All cousins, cousins’ husbands, aunts and uncles (except for T and L) were there. ^___^

Ooh, today, with Jichan’s gift I bought two albums: Switchfoot’s The Beautiful Letdown and Brand New’s Deja Entendu. ^__^ It was … 21. 63? I think? Got $29 back (paid change; trying to lighten my wallet; but then he ran out of singles and had to give me four quarters back :/). Had to drive the Toyota to Best Buy ’cause it and the van were in the driveway. o_o Scary. Not easy. Not that bad, though. ^_^

With the $29 I paid back the $19.98 on the board and paid $5 for my Chobits poster, the Dark Chii on the floor one (’cause Animecastle said things were backordered [before Thanksgiving!], so Mum ordered more things for me for Christmas, and some stuff came in. ^^;; Yeah, I have to pay for the transparent poster. Somewhere around $13? :/ Oh well. Now I have $4. :O So much for me buying more clothes … blegh. I don’t like me sometimes, you know? And I looove the Switchfoot album! :D Not one of my favorites, but still verah verah coool. XD