when Dream dies; aim

I’m reading Sandman book 10: The Wake. I feel like I’ve lost someone I knew and loved. Maybe I have.

Damn pms.

Well, anyway. I guess this is the start of a new archives page. ^^;; Gee, a nice entry title for that.

I meant to go on aim tonight. I did. I did. But first I had to wash my face and brush my teeth so I wouldn’t be too tired/lazy to do so later. Then I had to gargle, ’cause my throat is still kinda sore. :( Then I did the litter box so I wouldn’t have to do it later. Then by that time it was 11:15 (half an hour later than when I started). Since M88 opened up a Martinelli’s cider bottle I decided to have a little. And it was good. But I haven’t really talked to Matt in a while. I think I feel bad.