working on layout; moodtheme; Alice in Chains

I’ma working on a new layout for IAT. Yay! ^^ The last layout I made was in mid-September … o.o And I think this one is very fall-y as well. O_o Not very good. But OH WELL! I was never one to follow the seasons and stuff anyway. :b

So. I’m taking a break from it because I’m pausing to give my brain a rest before I have to figure out the HTML for making a full-size div in a frame, without a background-image, but stationary images that serve as the background, and an image that hovers over the text, but not the scrollbar. *takes a deep breath* It sounds simpler when I type it out. ^^;; Ah well.

I’m also working on an Amy Lee moodtheme set. ^^’ I have about 8 of the moods set. ^.^;; About 50 random pictures that I have to assign to moods, and a few I’ll probably end up tossing out because there isn’t a mood for it, LJ doesn’t have that mood, or because there are too many pictures of her like that. XP

*ahem* I forgot that I didn’t post this. O.o *10:44 now*

So the HTML is all written up. ^.^ Yay! Now I just have to change all the other pages. Oh yeah, I also have to write the css up.

Umm … at the moment I have most all the Alice in Chains songs from their Greatest Hits album checked to record to my compi. ^^. Yeah. I like their songs a bit more than I thought I would. Or maybe … I dunno. Maybe it’s because it’s their greatest hits. :b Yeah.

Well I’m gonna go finish up putting the IAT layout together. XD So fun. I realized, recently, I think I like writing the HTML more than I like working on the layout in a graphics editor. *shrug*