LJ and GJ

I like this layout … I like it very much. ^^ But it’s annoying me that it’s too tall for 800×600 users. Or, I assume at least … for more than half, it’s taller. Oh well. Too lazy now to make a new layout.

Guess what I just found out. Livejournal lost my layout. Allll my styles … *twitchtwitch* Only my friends page isn’t affected ’cause I don’t have a custom style for that. (Yeah, I know, if I only wouldn’t try and change the style, nothing would happen and everything would still look the same. But I want to change my layout. And all the little different tags I changed … ;.; (well, I think I pasted a few of them into my GJ, so … all is not lost! … yet). What I’m wondering right now is if my style will be saved … because I changed my layout a little while ago … (go see :b if you can) and when I went back to change something, the stuff I put in wasn’t there. o.o Oh well. I like poking fun at LJ. >b

Actually, I was looking at the GJ news page, and man, they have lots of new stuff. Of course, they’re lots smaller and don’t have so much stuff on their servers (or so I assume). Like, you can’t right-click on userpic pages ’cause there’ve been problems with stolen userpics. I know, that’s hella annoying and not all that effective, but still, it’s thoughtful. Don’t you think? ^^;;