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“Social Security reform to drive up debt”

Okay now would be a good time to die because I could never own a home in LA (where I WANT to live) and have a good job with benefits and blahblahblah and I’m just gonna die from starvation ’cause my social security check will buy me jack shit. That’s called thinking of my future. ;b

So I have $29.54 in my checking (which is supposed to be for school and emergencies) and $8,6something in my savings (which is supposed to be for the rest of my college education). This winter I lost $600. Not including cash. And I wasn’t even gambling! :b

What’d I get? Christmas presents, the entire Sandman library XD, CDs, a new CD-player … that’s all I remember. Oh yeah. $67 on The Sandman collection was probably about $200. Then $35 on … King of Dreams. I still need the companion, tooo. *rolleyes* Books. Manga. Music. I dunno. Now I’m going to spend the next six months putting that money back in the bank. Aren’t I off to a great start handling my finances?

Aaanyway … it was windy today. Is windy today. Fun. Especially carrying my art portfolio around … and I hope I never have to take another artsy class ever again.

But anyway … shall stop rambling pointlessly and start rambling pointfully … semi-pointfully … whatever. EVERWOOD IS ON TONIGHT! Wait, nevermind, it’s a sex episode … boring. Not like the other episodes weren’t boring either, but nyeh. Although I liked the Nina storyline … which is odd ’cause that’s the first time I’ve ever remembered her name … *blink*

Okay! Points(full): I got hosting for I don’t have money for hosting for Actually, I didn’t have money for either … but nevermind that fact. ^^;; So since I kinda give up my blog at the moment I’ma gonna point to a subdomain on That means no hostees on Sorry. I also just realized I only get one ftp account. ^^;;; WHOOPS!

I’m also debating whether I should put hotlink protection on again. I moved my Sailor Mars gallery back to Geocities. Yeah, I was overjoyed this weekend when I realized I hadn’t deleted the 100+ images when I moved. XP;; But I still have all my fanlistings on And, well, I’ve never had a run-in with people taking stuff from me, but … I dunno, whatever.

Something else that made me overjoyed this weekend: I remembered my homestead account. :b Because I feel guilty hotlinking from my Comcast homepage (although I’m still doing it >b). Oh yeah. I have to put my moodtheme somewhere. @_@ Homestead has that f’kin annoying upload thing. Comcast, aforementioned guilt., that hotlinking thing.

Oh well. I’m tired. I should be studying for my anthropology midterm (part one) tomorrow but I dun care … I’m more asceered of part two. >_> Writing. *shudder* Ooh, Sic Transit Gloria! *grooves* … *ahem* Then there’s the econ test on Wednesday … I’m not very scared of that. ^^; Although I should remember to look at the study guide book tomorrow. Just to make sure. Oh crap. Now I remember. I forgot to buy scantrons. <_< Oh yeah. And I forgot to renew my student ID. ^^;;; I bet God is shaking his head and tsk tsking at me. :b

Yeah. I fell asleep sometime after 10:30 … then I woke up at 6:15 to use the bathroom, and them got another hour sleep … I was falling asleep in math. And not paying attention to my art instructor. “Closure WHAT?! What about closure?! Is this vital for my project?!” Hm … proximity … value? no … ^^;; simplicity … closure (which I seem to be unable to type) … and uh … thingie … all of which does nothing to clarify what I’m going to do for this project … oh well.

Sometimes when I step out of the car after driving I kinda wonder if I really am getting out of the car or if it’s some weird Homer Simpson situation where I fell asleep at the wheel and I’m really dreaming happily in the moving car while dragging a white picket fence behind me. ^^;;;