journals use

Okay, I’ve got weird reservations. <_< I don’t want to post something in my blog because it’s too nonsensical, too random, too boring, too blah, too annoying. :b But I don’t want to post it in my lj because I don’t want to post too much in there, I don’t want to be an lj whore, I don’t want to write to an audience (JM mainly, K and M too, and Christine :/).

Then I don’t write it in here [Diaryland] because … I’m not sure. I’m beginning to think it has something to do with the fact that it’s one entry per page, and not blog style, and all the short entries make me feel … short. Or small. Or something. I don’t know, really. ^^;;

And I don’t want to post in my gj because it’s a private journal and Jebus knows I have to have that imagined audience. >b

But then I don’t really want to post in my allaboutme journal because … I dunno. It’s so small and just starting out and I know it doesn’t have an audience. :b Besides, I don’t really like aam that much. Not that I dislike it, I just don’t feel loyal to it. So I’m back to here. Where I am right now. Ha ha. Yeah.