dah, design funk

I’m trying to make this layout for jeidaijournal. And I don’t know what to do with the pictures. :( I don’t want to do a techno-ish, pixelly layout. I don’t want to do that simplified layout I’ve been doing lately (eg jeidaijournal, AALCC fanlisting, my links page …). I don’t really want to do grunge. Firstly because I’m not that good at it. ^^;; Secondly because I’m tiring of it.

I just want to do these fantabulously amazing layouts. Like Sephiroticum.net (which isn’t up anymore). I just want to fill the whole page, I want everything to be going on, but instead of looking like a mess, it looks effin’ fantastic. I want the final product to look completely different from the original image(s) I used. Kinda like … (you’d have to visit my layout archives site to understand this ^^;;) IAT v33, or SMC v5, or L.S v3. But more.

I know, I usually say, “Open something up and just mess around.” Which is what the owner of Sephiroticum.net said. :b But whenever I do that I just use filters and stuff and usually it ends up looking like a jumbled, disgusting mess, and it’s not even really my mess, it’s someone else’s formula to change the image around that way.

I think I like this [www.hiddencache.com/blackdreams/] ^_^ *stares in wonder*

Okay I have to stop saying that. ^.^;;;;

You know my V-Day layout? (Which was supposed to link to vday.org, but I got lazy and forgot.) This person [butterfly-edge.org] did something similar. But her layout looks a lot better than mine. :P More organized and preeettier.

So anyway … I forgot what else I wanted to say … I made a new Amy Lee icon for lj. What else is new? Well, I’m actually really very satisfied with this one. But I don’t think it counts because it’s black and white with touches of pink and it’s pretty easy to be satisfied with those colors. I think I should be happier about another one, which is pretty much all brown, and I don’t really use brown. But I like the other one more. *shrugs*

I also found out that they aren’t making any more “My Immortal Pt.2 (enhanced)” singles, and that’s why Amazon isn’t shipping our order until “Feb 17–Mar 9.” And the order was placed January 19. O_o

I tried looking on ebay for it, and there’s one, but there are seven bids on it already, and I feel guilty outbidding someone, and it’s already up to $15.something already anyway, so I don’t want to try for it. Then I was looking at this [old ebay auction] and this [another ebay auction], but then I remembered that I don’t have any money. ^^;; And I reeeeally want that poster. :( Oh well.

8 thoughts on “dah, design funk

  1. Noelle

    Awww…I wish I could offer you some insightful help, but I don’t know what to say. ^_^;; With this new blog layout I plan to put up, I just imagined in my head what I want it to look like, making it as precise as it can be. Then I just open PSP whack the idea onto the screen. And I don’t leave it alone till I’m about 99% satisfied with it (Noelle = anal :3). That’s all I could think of.

  2. Jeidai

    I do that too, Lisa. :) But I tend to not use it, most of the time, ’cause I’ve read of sooooo many fights about "you copied my layout" "oh hell no, you’re such a liar" blahblahblah. ^.^;;

  3. Noelle

    ^-^;; I kinda do what Lisa does. Except I try to warp it around so much, make it as original as possible, with my tastes in it, while sticking to the general idea, so no one would accuse me of being a thief.

  4. Lisa

    That’s what I do too Noelle. I use someone’s layout as like a guideline for me. I don’t do the exact same thing, I just look at it to get an idea and my ideas are usually really different than the layout I looked at…^^;

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