getting tired

Bwa. Sometimes I don’t like the friends list thingie on LJ ’cause I’m paranoid someone’s gonna say, “Hey, don’t clog up my friends list with your ****.” I know, I could say “Hey, I post to my journal, not to anyone’s list.” But I’m still paranoid. :b

My eyes are dry. It’s annoying. But I like the feeling when my eyes moisten and my eyes go “Ahhh.” ^^;; My eyes were dry all day. I dunno why. And I just realized that if I hadn’t followed my brother outside to see who went out the front door, I never would have gone outside today. Isn’t that amazing.

I watched the last 45 minutes of Phonebooth with Mum and Daddy a little while ago. What the heck was up with that movie? o_O

Then I cracked myself up by setting a Bucky icon as the desktop background, all stretched out. ^^;;; BUCKY!! XP I want that strip. ;.; I remember, he was looking at the TV. I think. I thought it was funny. Or at least that panel was cute. I wanna print it out. I’m printing out lots of stuff that makes me laugh. I’m putting it all up on the wall by my lightswitch. If I ever need to laugh I’ll just go turn on the light and read funny comics and look at funny animals. :b

I like this guy. He’s amazing. @.@ Actually, I like Dave McKean more. Actually, I adore Dave McKean. I wish I could be him and take credit for his work. XP I still need to save up $50 and buy his comic/graphic novel “Cages.” >_> I don’t know how people do it! *cries* (Can you tell I have another Color & Design project due? Oh yes. And I have absolutely no clue what I am going to do on it. But at least I can use the computer on this one. ^^;;)

I talked to Matt tonight. ^__^ I love him. I love you, Matt. But now I feel miserable. ^^; And it’s all your fault. You make me so happy that there’s nowhere else to go but down. And I can’t do my work. ;.;

I still have to plan out my art project, start researching my anthropology report, finish all of last week’s math homework :b~ (which I would do between classes on Monday and Wednesday, but lately I’ve been using that time to catch up on reading or sleeping >_>), and print out my anthropology essay on primates’ rights and my econ outline which is not even half done but dangit I do not have the information. >.< *whackwhack*

We watched a half hour thingie on GDP. Er, GNP, actually. Its history, and its significance before and during WWII (or that’s all that I remember off the top of my head anyway). He told us to give him a bulleted list of the terms they mention in the video, and a one sentence summary of the term. I have about five terms. And this is supposed to be “an honest page.” *sigh* I’m definitely not getting the credit on this assignment.

6 thoughts on “getting tired

  1. Noelle

    I never really considered the friends list "mine", so I really don’t care if people started posting useless stuff in their LJs. ^-^;; It’s not something I could control, so if someone’s gotta post in their LJ, they gotta post. Just my thoughts. :3

  2. Noelle

    ^-^;; Ahhh…I don’t know. I just use it check everyone’s LJs. I’d figure I’d run into it anyway, if I were to go to their LJs individually anyway.

    And…(might be a little late to say this, but…) I likies the border thingys on this page. :D

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