oh the irony

How funny. My internet speed seems adequate at the moment. fs.net is even *gaspshock* up. Yet Livejournal, which had been working very well for me since … I forget … maybe early/middle May? is now not working very well. Pooh. And at a time when practically all I do online is connected to lj. Haha.

Oh well. Earlier getting off earlier to bed maybe earlier getting up. Or maybe I’ll stay up late reading. >D Hehehe …

Today I reached a landmark. I now have over 500 Amy Lee images on my computer. :O Mwahaha XD It’s all only 102 megs, though. *wants to burn stuff on CDs* Although my whole My Documents folder is 1.9 gigs. ^^;; My music folder is 3.2 gigs. But most of it is stuff I or my brothers already own. I think. So yeah.

I have $5. Go me. I just bought SM00’s birthday present, paid membership at lj. ^^ So I technically don’t have $5. Hidek owes me $7 and I need to put money in my bank account. Waldenbooks is also having this buy three (selected) books get the fourth one free. I wanna check that out. Despite my lack of funds. I also need need a CD rack because all my CDs are just sitting in stacks on the floor. The one I’m looking at is $25. Then there’s posters from Anime Castle. And lastly music, because my last new CD was Muse’s Absolution. I want Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New Found Glory, Maroon 5, or Sugarcult. ^^