second Ontario Mills trip

I don’t know if I wrote about the first trip somewhere anywhere (I doubt it; I don’t even remember when it was), but here’s a summary of my second one. ^^;

Mickey had to practice driving to school, or so Daddy decided, and somehow it turned into a big trip to the Ontario Mills Outlet Mall. I was happy. Haha. Um. Didn’t want to go (and be a bother and slow down the strolling with my visiting of shops) if Hidek wasn’t going (because if Hidek didn’t go it would have been a smaller trip, nothing big, blah blah blah). But Hidek went. Yay. :) Brought my CD player with The Strokes’ Room on Fire and Dashboard Confessional’s A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar (I hope I got that right), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (rereading the series during the summer), and my purse with $30 in it. XD

Short summary of the whole mall part: used the restroom twice (felt queasy, had drunk water before leaving, along with my hot cocoa and orange juice at breakfy, then had soda at the mall [with Burger King fries :)] to ease my headache-y-ness), looked through a couple shoe stores, the bargain bookstore (saw a cuuute picture book of this girl and her guinea pig that she let go because she didn’t want a “pet for babies” and missed it and he came home and it was cuuuute), stared in Charlotte Russe and Hot Topic from the food court, decided not to go in Forever 21 because it was all bright neon-y (not really) colored and too spring-like for me, went in Anchor Blue got two jeans in a $19.99 sale w00t, saw this anime cart started looking through the wallscrolls nothing, staring at the Inuyasha t-shirt but nonono I don’t wear print t-shirts, especially of such a popular male character (but now I’m wishing I had it >b maybe I could have modified it somehow), looked through Sam Ash (?) music store looked through JCPenney’s saw a nice tank but wasn’t in my size looked for a plain white button-up blouse couldn’t find one left.

Muah. That was it. Oh yeah. I saw New Found Glory’s Catalyst (for $15) and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Fever to Tell (for $13). Am now wishing I had bought the YYYs album. :( But hey, I guess I should say I have some money to deposit in the bank.

We had KFC for dinner. I suggested El Pollo Loco but I guess someone else wanted KFC instead. Oh well. We got a Dale Jr. bucket! XDD I think Mickey wants it. >_> I hope it isn’t too greasy or anything to keep nicely.

I think that’s a nice wrap of my day.

Oh yeah. I saw this headwrap/”scarf” thing at Anchor Blue. It was $6.50, pinkish and yellow/beige, and I was thinking I could use it to tie through my belt loops instead of a heavy belt. Nice touch of pink in my outfit. But I didn’t know at the time that Mum was at the counter how much it cost. Also, it didn’t look like it’d look, er, fluffy enough tied in the belt loops. I’m guessing that’s true. Oh well. Shall have to keep looking diligently for scarves. :)

Also saw lots of knit um, things you pull over your head and it just sits on your shoulders. Kind of like a poncho, but much more stylish. Yeah. See. I was thinking of knitting one of those things for myself. I didn’t even know they were in style again (looking through old Teen mags, they claimed knit things were the fad, although I don’t recall anyone wearing them).

I looked at how this one knit thing was made, and I totally don’t know how that was done. o.o It looked like knit togethers were used and there were huge holes and then everything spread out again (don’t know how, maybe make one or something?) but yeah there were huge holes and I just have no idea how that was done. ^^;; I also don’t know where to get such fine/thin wool. :( I guess I’ll just have to buy it. Or look for an online wool store or something. ^^;

(12:28! woo)