Kidz Bop

I probably said this before, but that Kid’s Bop stuff is really really ludicrous. I think the most stupid song they’ve got on the commercial I saw is either This Love or My Immortal. Well actually, I guess some kids could understand that song … that’d be sad. But This Love? o_O Hm, maybe, considering how quickly kids are (trying to) grow up these days …

Lenny Kravitz sings “shitty” on this Gap commercial. o.o Or at least it really really sounds like it. ^_^;;

Hmm … something else to say … I absolutely screwed up on the chem quiz today. x_<; *sigh* Well. Oh yeah. I have to figure out where the professor’s office is and go get my quiz tomorrow. Luckily. Wednesday is the only day I don’t have class during his office hours. Gah.

4 thoughts on “Kidz Bop

  1. Noelle

    I hafta agree. O_o;;

    By looking at his reaction, I’ll assume you did well on your quiz. ^_^

    Did other students have to go to his office to get their quizzes?

  2. Jeidai

    They could if they wanted to talk to him. I didn’t want to get it back during class. ^^;; I also wanted to write down the answers, but I kept forgetting. x.X

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