Waldenbooks buy 4 get 5th free deal: Today I bought Kare Kano 6, Inuyasha 10, Tsubasa 1, Hot Gimmick 3, and … FLCL 2. I read FLCL and I’m reading Kare Kano now. Taking IY, KK and Tsubasa with me. Leaving Hot Gimmick behind. Reward for after the chem exam. ^^; Hopefully I get a B or C or so. Reading KK. About a third done. Haven’t gotten annoyed by Arima yet.

Bringing the Da Vinci Code ’cause I told Richard I’d read it. ^^’ Don’t think I’ll get around to it this week, but meh. Not bringing Raise the Red Lantern ’cause “Nineteen thirty-four Escapes” is getting boring. >_>

I didn’t manage to go to the mall by myself. x_x I’ll never be able to. But I’m thinking of making myself go to Rite-Aid for nailpolish. ^^; And maybe a hairbrush for my purse.

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