slooooow laptop

Things that slow down system bootup

My laptop took an hour and a half to start up today. *waves tiny flag*

You have 850 fonts installed. If you can survive without all those fonts, try removing 600-700 of them to see if that makes a difference.

Gee. What am I supposed to do? (I have 300-something.) It’s not like my life depends on them, but it’d be like trying to take some car products from Mickey, or a fast computer prcessor from Hidek. (Oh wait, Hidek doesn’t have that. :b)

Your network drivers (LAN, Dial-up Networking) take too long to load—try disabling them to see if it makes a difference.

“Aw hell no!” :( Without my internet connection my laptop is pointless. (Yet any other connection, without my files, is pointless as well. :b)

Too many programs are being loaded at startup—check your Startup folder and eliminate any unneeded shortcuts.

Boo. All those programs are needed. (Last night I tried to trim the startup list on the study comp, but all those files were required. o.O;;;;) There aren’t any new ones from before this slow startup time anyway.

I had a thought today, though. Maybe I turned off something that was required. O.o But there’s no way to turn it back on, because it’s not listed. Er. I’m not into editting registries either. I don’t even know how to find out what program I turned off that’s needed.

Grr. Grr. Stupid computers. Maybe I really will get a Mac. My Intro to Graphics on a Mac prof was saying to another student that Mac used to be more graphically advanced than PCs, but that now PCs have closed the gap lately. But I heard somewhere else … I forget where … that Macs show colors more true to what is printed than PCs. Hm. I dunno. My cousin uses a Mac at work. But she has a PC at home. Which she rarely uses. :b

… *no good way to end entry* … *braindead*