we’re the north pole

W88: “We only have the Kings a little south of us.”
Me: “South?”
W88: “Yeah, they’re in Anaheim.”
Me: “Anaheim is south of us?”
W88: “Yeah, it’s in Orange County.”
Me: “Orange County is south?”
W88: “Yeah.” *weird look*
Me: “I used to think everything was north.”
W88: “There’s nothing north of us! It’s just boring flat farms.”

I have very bad directional skills. :b I just learned like a year or two ago that San Diego was south of us … and today I learn that Anaheim is south too! Ehehe … Well at least I’m sure that Mexico is still south of us.

I guess Torrance is south too. And … I forget what the names of those cities were. Mum and Daddy and I went to a Lowe’s there. (I only went so they’d go to Best Buy and get me the Garden State soundtrack, but Best Buy didn’t have it. -.-)