Mum says

Mum says the funniest things …

“People are voting like they’re picking furniture. … ‘Hm, this one looks good; this one feels good.'”

“Jesus died for everyone. But he didn’t really. … He died for you. But not really for you, because your lifestyle is bad.”

3 thoughts on “Mum says

  1. Jeidai

    Catholics: “You have to go through the church to have a relationship with God.”

    Protestants: “You don’t need the church; you can contact him directly.”

    Gnostics: “I talked to God; he gave me a message.”

    Protestants: “That’s not God. That’s Satan.”

  2. Noelle

    Actually, if you read the Bible, you’ll know what He sounds like. Protestants will pray for a right answer, and God will give it to them in something kind of like a thought, or that’s what I hear from people at my church. I never had that happen though (sometimes I’ll pray for a right answer, and I get this thought, but I don’t know if that’s my mind telling it to me, if it’s God or what). I need to read my Bible more. <=( Btw, Jesus loves everyone, even if you're gay.

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