car; mall; Closer; buying, reading

What’d I do today … went to Carmax to get my new CD-player … took an hour and forty-five minutes to find out that they ordered the wrong thing and my CD player is still broked. ;_; Came home, had lunch, went to Century City to look for guinea pig calendar and see Closer. The calendar store wasn’t there this year. Pooh.

Went through Bloomingdale’s. Wow. Expensive. And I don’t even really like their clothes. ^^;; Looked in Express too. They were having a sale on some stuff. I saw a nice pair of pants for, what, 40% off $68? I was thinking of buying them … but I didn’t really want to spend that much. x_x *sigh* I really do need a job. hah.

Saw Closer. Eeeee! I liked it! Not as much as Garden State, but then again I like Zach Braff and I guess I just don’t understand all this couple stuff, finding the flawless person (as Mum said), hurting each other … meh. But yay! Natalie Portman! XD I liked her. Even in the strip scene. O.o But she didn’t really strip. I mean, she did, in real life, take her clothes off … but you didn’t really see anything in the movie. >b So nyeh.

Let’s see … woah, moment of dizziness there. Go to bed soon, yes. I spent about $20 at Michael’s. So I have … $93 again. *sniffleweep* Oh well. I don’t really want a DS that badly. :b I guess I give up on video games at this point and time. I’ll still play them … but I won’t really go buy new ones or anything. Hm. I want to go to the mall and buy clothes. o.o

I could also buy books. Waldenbooks is getting rid of their preferred reader program! Grrr. I already said that here didn’t I? Oh well. But I don’t really want to buy books … which is really really horrible. eek. I’d rather buy clothes. *shock* Something’s horribly wrong here. I don’t even know of any books to read! *cries* So stupid. So horrible. So AUGH. hm. I’m really tired now.

I also want to go to Mitsuwa in Torrance and buy Kera. I also want to buy Gothic & Lolita Bibles from fujisan. I wonder if they still have #5. o.o