shopping; Ev DVD; weather

“I’m booored! Oh yeah, I’m supposed to make an entry here.”

hah. Um. Woke up around 11. Went on the comp for a while, retitled entries … moved quiz results to tfjlj … ate lunch, leftover burger … took N C R to Best Buy (scraped the curb x.x durr), Toys R Us, Target.

At Target I spent all my time putting all the CDs in order. ^^;; That was fun though! My hands got dirty. Yuck. I managed to not spend any money! XP Not like that’s much of a feat. I’m saving up my money for clothes, and we didn’t go to Best Buy.

I’m thinking of buying NFG’s Sticks and Stones album (the one I lost to teh eatering CD changer), but only if it’s $12 or less. ehehe *sweatdrop*

And I feel like watching anime. So I might buy something or other. But I really have no idea what I want to watch. I have no idea what’s good. Haibane Renmei was all right. Chobits … eh, it’s just fun. I have the manga anyway. Inuyasha, I want to buy the boxset, same for … that one anime. (starts with a b *shifty eyes* [2009-09-13: Boogiepop Phantom?]) Meh, I don’t know. I’m not into anime that much anymore.

Came home. I watched the Ev DVD before dinner. heh. Kinda surprised by how they act. By the end I was kinda disappointed and I didn’t like Amy Lee as much as I used to. But now I’m telling myself I’m stupid and she can act however oddly and stupidly she wants, I’m no judge, I still admire her and everything, and she’s a good person, so what’s wrong? (She was drunk! :o But mostly I was disgusted by this sex move she did on her friend *rolleyes* Whatever.)

The concert on the DVD is terrible, with its awful music video-esque direction. I like the videos I downloaded off the internet more. Even including the image quality. Geez! The concert looks like she’s not even singing! Like they coulda stuck video of anyone in there and it wouldn’t have looked any more off! They cut away too much, show little snippets too much, there’s no loooooong camera view on her or anyone. Or maybe that’s just the first minute or two. I don’t know. I don’t want to watch any more of it anyway. ugh.

Dinner. Comp. After that C bugged me to play Texas holdem with him and R and he asked Daddy too, so we all played. Fun. Y’know. At first. After a while we got bored. So … all in, and Daddy won. Of course. >b Um. Yeah, that’s it.

There were lightning/thunder storms today. In addition to the rainstorm. XD There was even a tornado somewhere around the Catalina islands a while ago. o.o! Um. About the Asia thing. It’s just so sad. Actually, I’m not really all that sad that so many people died. I’m more sad that everyone else who survived and knows someone who died is suffering now. And. Uh. I want to donate money. Some to help Asia, and some to the St. Jude’s hospital. Buuut … I’m being lazy and/or chickenshit and I’m not doing anything. mreh. I should ask Mum for help. ^^ Yeah.