The Haunting of Hill House

I was going to go to bed and read more of The Haunting of Hill House, but then I remembered I have to make an entry here. hah. Uh. Last night we lost internet connection, I don’t know why, then this morning, or afternoon really (when we got back home) Daddy told us the router was busted and he put back the old one. ack. Now my laptop won’t connect anymore. arrrrgh.

Last night I went to bed about … I don’t know, 11:30, 12? Read THoHH for a while … it was freaking me out even though Mickey was awake in his room. ^_^;; Then he went to bed and then it was really freaking me out. eek! I turned out the light and pulled the blankets over my head. hahaha. Uh. When I woke up I was still freaked out! The heater turned on and I don’t know if it was that or if I was half-dreaming, but I thought I heard someone say “[Jei]” in my ear. O.O Freaky!