boredom, nothing, blah, hanging around

Gah, now I’m bored, hahaha. Daddy did something with the network but I don’t think my laptop connects still because he didn’t say anything to me about it. Bah.

Yesterday … I don’t remember what I did. Hung around, whatever. Didn’t get a chance to go on the comp. Put Christmas decorations away. Went to bed at 9. hah! I didn’t know of anything else to do. Actually, I’m kinda bleary eyed at the moment. Maybe I should go to bed now. I was thinking at 8:30 it’d be nice to get to bed at 9. Meh. Maybe I will. I’ll try not to think of anything to do on this comp. >.>

Oh. I finished Cages yesterday. It was … interesting. I kinda wish he’d gone on more about the cat … but then I guess I’m more fantasy that way? (I don’t like the word fantasy because I always think in other people’s minds it conjures images of dragons and elves and what have you. I’m not into that. But … I am kind of into fantasy/sci fi where it’s just … I dunno … I don’t know how to explain it.)

Did I say I finished The Haunting of Hill House? I did. It left me confused. She didn’t explain why all that was happening, who was the ghost behind it all. ;.; I just don’t get it! That’s all I can say! Well, it was good other than that. It was creepy. *grin* I liked the mood, atmosphere, characters … I just didn’t understand why it all happened. Which is annoying. But oh well.

Today … got up at about 8. Woke up really when Hidek left for school at 7. I just turned on the radio and closed my eyes though, hehehe. Oh yeah, my dream … dang, I don’t remember. *sad* Oh wait, it was today I finished Cages. While eating pretzel sticks and drinking Dr. Pepper for breakfast. ahaha. Eh, whatever.

After that … hung around in the living room while everyone ate breakfast, then went on Hidek’s comp, saw the part in the first ep of I Love Lucy and yeah, Ricky really did drink the one with the mickey! *shock*, N left, came back for his name tag/id, left. Mum took me to Cash ‘n Carry to buy envelopes, and I bought a blue pen. Sent Adam’s present off and CDs to No More AOL CDs.

Found out today they’re in California. o.o They went to Sacramento to demonstrate for a bill. Poured out 30,000 CDs. XD They’ve collected 350,000 CDs so far! Yay! Came back home, hung around.

Took two of the kimono off those display dolls. The lady kimono isn’t a complete kimono, it’s just pieced together with nails to look complete. *sad* (The obi covers the middle, where there isn’t any kimono, if that makes any sense.) But the girl kimono is complete and soooo pretty! Much prettier than the lady. And it fits my American Girl doll! XD “How old are you again?” haha. I kinda felt like sewing something for her … I don’t know what though. Ooh, I should have drawn out the ideas for clothes I had recently … grrrrr.

Put my school yearbooks in a box above the closet. Uh, except for my high school one. It won’t fit. I guess I should try to put it somewhere … This way I have more space on my shelf, and the stuff I have on the smaller shelf on its side can go up there. That way I have more room for my DVDs! Hehe. I really should put my VHSes somewhere NOT on my shelf … *shrug*

I guess I’m done. Boring. ho-hum. I’m thirsty. But there’s no more soda. *weep* I also want ice cream, but I’m gonna be going to bed soon … hopefully … *shifty eyes*

Oh, duh, we (Daddy, C and I) went to Westside Pavilion again so C could buy a new Element hat and that Zelda game. I looked at … Pacsun (didn’t see that much … I’m not really into the dirty jean look) … EB Games (buy one get one half off sale on pre-played games, didn’t see anything, didn’t really want to spend more money) … Hot Topic, but meh I hate being in there because I keep thinking the people in that store dun like me ’cause I’m not “real” whatever stereotype they’re trying to fit in. hah!

Besides, it’s all soooo expensive. x.x They were having a $10 off all skirts/pants, but I didn’t feel like paying $22+tax for a skirt I wouldn’t wear that often. (Although it was a nice skirt … But now that I went to the site to look at it again … I could make most of the skirts there. *sweatdrop* Even if it doesn’t look as good … heck, it’d only cost me what, $15? Two yards of two different black fabrics … couldn’t cost me that much, eh?)

NOW I’m going to bed. Or at least I’m getting off after I play this one game of solitaire. gehehe