coding discrepancy

It’s funny. These two archive pages are running off the same linked stylesheet, yet they’re displayed differently in IE. Why is that?

[dead links redacted; they went to pMachine’s general archive page and single entry archive page]

I also found another discrepancy between Mozilla and IE. That would be the heading tags. Why the heck does Firefox show these headings in nice small pretty text and IE shows them as freaking huge ugly things??

3 thoughts on “coding discrepancy

  1. Noelle

    Well…I noticed the first one clearly uses XHTML 1.0 and has all the self closing tags (<tag /> instead of <tag>), and has the character set thingy down.

    And as for the big ugly headers, the ‘Leave a Reply’ text has the h5 tags around it, along with an ‘id=”respond”‘. I couldn’t find anywhere on the stylesheet or the page itself where it defines what ‘respond’ is. ._.; (and maybe IE and Firefox has different ways of handling this methinks?).

    ^_^;; Just my two cents.

  2. Jeidai

    I was wondering if the xhtml thing had to do with it, but I just don’t understand why that would make it different (I know it does, I just don’t understand it :b).

    I can’t find the id respond in the original stylesheet. o.o Odd. But anyway, I was looking at the header examples on htmlgoodies. ^^

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