I hope this entry won’t seem like I’m belittling these incidents (because God knows they’re creeping the heck out of me).

“Racially Charged Incidents Rattle L.A.” ← headline on Yahoo.

“…the inland suburbs of Los Angeles…”   “…Riverside and San Bernardino counties…” ← in that article.

Yeah, ’cause Riverside and San Bernadino counties are included in the city boundaries of Los Angeles … I mean, I understand, who outside of Southern California has heard of Riverside or San Bernadino? They have to make it so other people understand where the general area is … but it still annoys me.

This one guy said online, I forget where I read it, all cities in California are L.A. :b I wish! (Well not really…) You should know that I really like L.A. Not all of it, but I like the convenience of everything, I like how it doesn’t have that really big city feeling unless you go downtown or something, I like the diversity, I like the weather (of course) … other things I can’t think of. I plan to never ever ever leave SoCal. And, I guess considering how not like L.A. other places in SoCal are … I’m never going to leave L.A.?

Not that I’m generalizing other places … I hope not … I know there are good areas and bad areas to every place. But this is what makes me feel like L.A. is a veritable little island paradise: hearing about white supremacist groups in Riverside and San Bernadino counties; knowing Simi Valley is (or was, I guess?) a white flight area, meaning whites who wanted to get away from minorities moved there; hearing about this one mosque that almost wasn’t in Orange County because churches were protesting its existence, saying that a mosque would create even more traffic and take away more parking spaces on Sundays (or in other words … “They’re taking my flock away from me!”). I dunno.

I’ve been … sort of living in Ventura County for the past three years … well, during the week, when I attend classes, and only fall/winter/spring. The one thing I’ve noticed about myself … last semester I was amazed at every single Asian face I saw … and this semester it’s not only Asian faces but every single non-white face. o_o WTF?! Every time I see a minority I just go “Wao! MINORITY! *gawk*” >_<

So … if anyone knows of a big city with absolutely no night life and has a lot of commercialization and diversity and nice weather and everything, tell me. I want to know my options when the Big One (earthquake) comes.

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4 thoughts on “LA, LA

  1. Noelle

    “I plan to never ever ever leave SoCal.”

    My mom said she and my dad plan to move to Arizona and drag us kids with them after they retire. ;_;

    “The one thing I’ve noticed about myself … last semester I was amazed at every single Asian face I saw”

    ^_^ I went with my mom and dad to a church in West Covina, where a friend of my dad’s was a pastor, last Sunday. Boy, was I surprised when I saw it was a Japanese-American church. >:D I mean, I knew there were churches like that (aimed to bring together—but not limited to people of a certain ethnicity), but I’ve never been to one. When we went inside, we could hear the Japanese pastor giving his sermon in Japanese. Just about every face we saw was Japanese (a couple of Caucasian and African-American folks were there). When I took a look at their program, 98% of the names were in Japanese. Really interested me (but I would choose my own church over this one, mainly because I just think the services are a little more interesting).

    Done rambling now. :3

  2. Jeidai

    Aw. :(

    Yeah, my GS troop met at a mostly Japanese church (I always thought it was Buddhist when I was a kid because it’s mostly Japanese, ahaha). But the one time I went to service it was all in English.

  3. Noelle

    ^_^;; Hehe. I probably would’ve thought that church was a Buddhist church if my mom and dad hadn’t said it was a Christian church.

  4. Adam

    You already know my opinion on LA.

    And white supremacy groups in California is nothing compared to the northwest. They ADORE the Northwest and consider it the white man’s paradise. Damn Arynn nations.

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