yayness! (lab, summer, skateboard, Making of Fallen)

Yay! I’m done with my formal lab report! Or, almost. I just have to draw the structure of the molecules. Then I’m done! *celebrate*

Summer’s almost here too! Yay! I have lots of stuff I’m planning to do. Don’t know how much of it I’m gonna accomplish, though. Considering I had a list last year and I don’t think I did much of it. Um. What I want to do: finish crediting all the lyrics (possible) on my site, upload lyrics of my recently acquired albums; convert my GM entries to WP entries; read lots; move my dreamlog to a WordPress blog on my site (baibai Diaryland…); umm … I forget other stuff, but I have it written down somewhere.

(I’ve adopted Neil Gaiman’s method of breaking up sections. *grin*)

I was thinking recently that I need exercise. Not the go to the gym get sweaty kind, but just … get outside, do something other than sit around all day. I like to rollerblade, but the sidewalks around here are kind of in various states of disrepair. It’s fun going really really fast and then jumping over cracks, but then … doing it all the time? It just makes my joints hurt (in my mind). I also thought, I don’t know, I could have always rollerbladed, and I never did, so why would I now?

But! I had a really crazy mad thought! Maybe I could take Hidek’s old skateboard and learn how to ride that! hah. I don’t know. *thinks of old entry about wanting to skateboard* It’d be fun. I’d have to tighten the trucks or whatever it is Hidek loosens to make his board more turny-able. But then the biggest problem with my idea is that I think Hidek doesn’t have an old skateboard I could use. He has an old skateboard, but I can’t use it. I think something like, one of the trucks is broken, or he lost a screw or something … meh. *dreams*

[edit:2:00am] Oh yeah, I forgot, somehow. O_o Double yay! I managed to download the Making of Fallen part II file from Evanescence Website! XDDDD Finally! After maybe half a year … Now to watch it … *happyhappyjoyjoy*