cactusy earthquake

Last Thursday there was an earthquake. Somewhere in the desert. Something like … east of Riverside? At the time I thought it was Mum getting really serious about her vacuuming. hah. I went up to talk with her. She asked me, “What do you think, 4.5 to 5?” I, as the inexperienced one, could only reply, “Maybe, I dunno.” And that was it.

Then Daddy called and he and Mum talked and stuff and Daddy said he was trying to go to this one website but it was down and etc. A little while later Mum checked channel 4 and they were talking about it and said it was 5.2. I showed Mum the website and then Daddy called again.

Later that day when we were taking paint off the porch there was no Ellen or Dr. Phil ’cause channel 4 was still covering the earthquake. ;.; So we didn’t work for that long.

The next day Mum told me Hal Fishman’s commentary on the media coverage: all the journalists and whoever else were excited and everything and took up the airwaves for hours for an earthquake in cactus land? hah! Mum even teased Daddy, saying, “You called home talking about the earthquake.”