Style Xpress; layout

Hm, haven’t updated in about a month. bah, lazy.

Okay … Style Xpress … went the previous Friday that classes started? Or was it the Friday before that? Don’t really remember. Oh well. First went just to look, it’s kind of like Forever 21 except it has kind of a lower budget feel (not the clothes, just the store) and the clothes are a bit more stylish. Not that many solid color shirts. I saw a pink plaid skirt, was thinking about buying it but didn’t really want to.

Then later … next Wednesday? went back because I decided I wanted the skirt. It was $10. But when I found it, it wasn’t as pink as I remembered, it was more purplish, and a red purplish at that. So … meh. But I’d seen this pair of pants before I found the skirt; it was $25 (roughly?) so I decided to buy that. XD Nice black/dark jeans. Yeah. Then we went to check out Tuesday Morning. Saw stuff.

New layout! I really like it! XD But it’s not really meant for 800×600 screens. :/ But I love the style! XD

[edit@1pm Aug 2 ’09: Wow, I have no idea why this old, horribly written entry is ranked so highly in Google. But I like this other search result better, so I’m linking it here. :) Style Express reviews]