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I don’t know if there’s something wrong with this, but I have the music from Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade on my computer, and it makes me happy. ^^

Also, last night, I listened to “Love” from Robin Hood, performed by Nancy Adams. When I read the title of the song I couldn’t recall how it sounded, but I at least didn’t not remember it. Then when I listened to it … omigosh! I was a kid again! I haven’t heard it in the longest time. Robin Hood wasn’t one of the Disney movies my family watched often. Mainly because it’s taped at the end of an Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea movie. O.o We never figured out how or why that happened.

But I plan to buy the DVD for Robin Hood. heehee. I already bought the DVD of Bedknobs and Broomsticks. (Er, parents paid for it though. >.>) We used to have a tape of it, not a store-bought one, but it disappeared somewhere. One of the mysteries of our house. (Another item that disappeared without a trace leaving only the case was my mom’s tape of 60s girl groups.)

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