archives plugin

For the past few days I’ve been trying to find an archives plugin that I liked. This is mostly for my dreamlog, since I’m so used to Diaryland’s archive setup, and I just got accustomed to having it that way while looking at my past dreams. But it’s a bonus for this blog.

The one that I think is perfect is CG Archives by Year, but only with his additional coding, so links to entries show up under each month. I e-mailed him asking about it, a week ago, and he hasn’t written back. I think he ’net-died. (His blog hasn’t been updated for a while.)

The Engineered Boulderer’s Super Archives Plugin comes in at a reluctant second. One, I’m not a fan of Javascripts. Perhaps because I just can’t get the hang of them just by looking at them. *snrk* Two, I don’t really like the way the archives are presented (three columns/whatever you choose). Three, Sometimes, if the page takes too long to load, when I hit the back button from the entry I’ve looked at, I’m sent back to the most recent year/month. Which, if I’m perusing my old dreams, would get annoying really quickly since I usually like reading the dreams that occurred around the same date.

Regardless, I was willing to use it, since I can’t find anything else that would show the entries by year. But I got a permission denied error, something about something (I understand the problem, I just can’t explain it), people comment about it on the plugin page. One guy posted something of a solution, but I don’t feel like editing stuff at the moment.

I also tried something from MtDewVirus but that didn’t work for some reason. I don’t remember what it was, but I probably couldn’t have fixed it without spending a lot of time on it, or I didn’t know what the heck was going on.

Right now I’m just using Clean Archives. It was nicest/most suited to my aesthetic tastes (or simplest?) of all the “list links to all blog entries on one page” plugins. It shows the archives as a link to the entry using the entry title, which is mostly what I wanted. But I have 100+ more dreams to add to my dreamlog, which is already at 550+ entries … so the archives page will take a very long time to load/scroll down indeed. :/

*sigh* Wish that guy would write back with his extra codes.

(And I spent 37 minutes on this entry. *blink*)