naproxen sodium and rats (tho not together)

I had a “naproxen sodium” (generic name; it can be sold under the label Aleve) this morning, and because I was kind of rushing I swallowed it without water. I’ve done it before! But I guess then I would take more care to drop it farther down my throat …

Regardless! This time I think it stuck in my throat. (I’m never sure if a pill sticks in my throat. It doesn’t feel like a lump, or really like anything’s stuck there. It’s just … pressure.) A few minutes after I guess it started dissolving, and my throat esophagus (by this time it’d traveled far down enough to get the more technical term used) started kind of burning. Not hot burning, a cold-ish burning … So I just kept swallowing spit (because I was in the car and not near a drink) to try and get rid of it.

It really hurt. :( A different kind of hurt than heartburn.

When I got home an hour or two later I ate some food. It still feels weird though. Like a cool (think “minty”) feeling behind my breastbone. I just hope I didn’t do some irreversible damage or anything. >_>


I think I want a rat.

I bought a Neil Gaiman rat from Lisa Snellings-Clark recently. I was looking through the other rats, and I think the Magic one is so cute! I like the Valentine’s one too.

Somewhere around the time I bought rat!Neil I found someone’s Livejournal that I read through a bit. This person had a few rats, and she kept posting stories and pictures of them. I thought they were cute. Plus people have said rats are smart.

I was thinking of getting a rat ’cause I want a pet during school, you know that whole “pets relieve stress” thing, but I didn’t want a dog or cat, I wanted a small pet. I didn’t want a guinea pig, because I thought it’d be a lot of trouble, too much trouble, with classes and all. So I thought of hamsters next, but then began to think that maybe a hamster would be too small for my tastes (although I guess there are ones larger than dwarf), and also that I wouldn’t like a nocturnal pet. (“Aww, you’re sleeping again? :(” *later at night* “Go to sleep! You’re keeping me up!”) So now I’m considering rats, although I’m still not sure.