I started this blog as a public version of my online diary, mainly for SM00 (who I don’t think reads this anymore). I recorded my day’s events here for a while. I don’t remember what changed that. Now I barely post anything personal here.

I tried becoming one of those bloggers with opinions, posting my thoughts, but I didn’t have so many thoughts outside myself. Then I wanted to have a kind of blog like Natalia’s. (I don’t know what kind of blog that is. Sort of personal.) But how could I have a blog for myself if I kept expecting people to comment, and not writing more entries if people didn’t comment?

(I suppose I should say “a blog for myself” would pretty much translate to an online public diary. Yes I know that sounds stupid and is stupid. It’s just what I wanted to do.)

So I turned off comments, just so that I would be keeping up my blog and writing entries solely for myself.

But now I feel lonely, and like this blog really were “a big dark echoing room” with no one but myself. On go the comments, and hopefully I’ll manage to keep my mind off of them, and still write whatever, for myself.

[comments closed to reduce spam; oh, the irony]

3 thoughts on “blog-ness

  1. Noelle

    I thought you turned off comments because you were having troubles with spam. ^_^;

    Arg, I don’t post that much in my blog anymore. I don’t know what to put there, meep. :x

  2. Jeidai

    No, I still have trouble with spam when I turn off comments, because old entries are still open to comments. :( But I turned on Akismet, a spam catcher plugin! :D

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