I’m all sad now. Ironic, considering the last post.

Going from my desktop to my laptop I noticed that my laptop screen is darker. Maybe it’s just because the desktop’s settings are higher (hope hope!), but my laptop is going on its fifth year now…

I looked up LCD screen lifespans, and it’s on average five years. Same goes for laptops, roughly. You know, other than the cheaply made laptops or the laptops that are so old they just keep going because they’re made with good parts.

:( Do I have to plan to move over to my desktop completely next summer? Or use my (imaginary) Mac funds for a new laptop?

One would think I could kill two birds with one stone: buy a MacBook! But no, I don’t want a MacBook. I want a G5 (omigosh so spoiled!) and the big pretty monitor. I also want a laptop. I’ve found that I definitely like coding on laptops. The touchpad is right below the keyboard, so when I move my hand there to move the cursor then move my hand back, I can find home row very easily. As opposed to a mouse & keyboard desktop setup, I find it hard to move my whole right arm from the keyboard to the mouse and back again. I’m left-handed (but right-handed when using a mouse), and my right elbow tends to hurt after too much computer use, which I have to look out for (and not overstrain my right arm).

Regardless, I like my laptop. It’s a Dell Inspiron 2650. Other than the video card having a spazzy period (needing updating), and the wireless drive (or whatever the internal thing is called that connects me to networks) needing to be updated after I got a new wireless adapter thing, and needing a new battery (but that’s expected of lithium batteries; they stop recharging after a while), my laptop’s been really good to me. ^^; I even dropped it once and the battery bounced out of it!

I don’t suppose it would go any time soon. How do you know when a computer’s going to die? O_o I sure hope I get some hints. I have stuff backed up on my desktop, but I haven’t moved over any updated files yet. Then again, it hasn’t even been a month since I did the backup.

The only hints of anything not being as good as the first day I used it is, as mentioned before, the darker screen (I really don’t know if it’s darker relative to what it was before though; I never thought to come up with a gauge for this moment O_o) and this one pixel on my screen where the green light is always on. It’s kind of annoying. But I can live with it. Once it goes to maybe 3 or 4 dying pixels, I’m tossing in the towel. *grin*

*hugs lappy* Don’t leave meeee!!!