rest your head

Thanksgiving was nice. Everyone but AJ and UG was there. Well, also Bachan. Sorry to drag the summary down. *furtive glance* It really was a nice day, I had a great time. I just had this thought early, before dinner when I saw Jichan, that Bachan wasn’t there. Silly, because she hasn’t been there for a couple Thanksgivings past. Oh well.

I was thinking of taking a picture of the (pool) table with all the food on it, but people were about to start lining up and I didn’t want to run to my room then stand there getting the picture while everyone else waited on me. :o

Oh yeah, a pic of my Japan Expo loot. Shall have to procrastinate on that.

Friday I just sat on the sofa with Mum and ate chips and dip while watching tv. XD Great fun.

Saturday went with Mum to Borders by Santa Monica Blvd. to buy stuff. I wanted to buy Monk season 2 for $20 but it turns out the sale was only for season 1. *shakes fist at Borders* In the e-mail they sent me, they had something covering the bottom of the pic of the Monk box, and they didn’t mention specifically season 1 so I thought it was for all seasons. :( Oh well. Mum got Sylvia Browne’s book on Jesus and I got Othello volume 5. I was going to get Nana volume 4 but they only had 1-3. grr.

O, I didn’t mention, that Tuesday before we came home I went to Borders and used a Personal Shopping Day to buy Inuyasha books and Nana 3. From maybe $48 to $43, ooh I really saved a lot. (End sarcasm.) But anyway. Cliffhanger in Nana 3! *cries* I want 4!!

Saturday night I talked on aim, then when Noelle and her fam came over (after a birthday party, waiting for traffic to lighten) I ate dinner (mmm, turkey soup! *grin*) and watched tv with them.

Sunday, went to Michael’s looking for paper for my art journal. Wouldn’t you know, they’re practically all sold out of any type of black paper. Um, copied over notes for my printing class. Went to Target with N and C. They took down the sign for the Wii (“Due to high demand blah blah blah we don’t have what you’re looking for.”) but they still didn’t have it.

Yesterday … no actually today’s Monday. grar! My Mondays are so long that by the end of it I think it’s Tuesday. O_o Weird, yeah. Had lecture, made me wonder again if there’s a PC equivalent of the FontReserve, ’cause it sounds like a nifty program. Spent maybe an hour and a half making a webpage for lab later. XD; I barely finished when I realized I had to leave. Then when I got to lab I found there were things I forgot to include. eep! But he gave us time to work on the project. ^^ Yay. Worked on XML too, when I wasn’t adding things to the site.

That’s … pretty much it. I copied over a bit more notes for printing class, but I’ve still got 3 more Power Point presentations to go through, and a Word doc too. waugh!

I’m gonna copy over notes for Electronic Publishing Systems tomorrow in the morning. Then I’ve got the art project (pictorial space) to work on, grid examples and pictorial space examples to find and cut out, and I definitely have the art journal on my mind. I don’t know if the “personal theme” I picked is weak, if it fits more under the “formal theme” heading, and I should get down to thinking and pick a real personal theme. I don’t know of one. >.> Guinea pigs? *laugh* That’d be cool. Hmmm…