don’t give up, the storm is passing

Gah! I can’t think! I even forgot to turn on the rice cooker 45 minutes ago. O_o I’m huuuungry now.

I have lots of little things to say that would make nice posts all on their own, but since I’m not obsessively updating the blog (not now anyway *grin*), I’m just gonna pile them all up into one post.

Tuesday, lecture and quiz, then art lab: worked on gathering examples of pictorial space and grids. I don’t know how good my grid examples are. mrr. Then art lecture that night. It was cooold. o_o Not just at night, it was cold all day. It was cold this morning too. ehehe. Today went to lecture then bought paper.

Went with C to the gas station ($2.57), Best Buy (bought The Submarines, am listening to it now; thumbs up so far!), Borders (more later), and Staples. (On second thought, I’m going to make the Borders subject an entirely separate entry.)

I saved bunches of pics of Amy Lee and some live performances and also the latest music video, Lithium. (I wish Americans could buy Kerrang! Er, buy it easily.) I now have 1315 images of Amy Lee on my harddrive. XD; So lame.

For art, I have to do a pictorial landscape using only geometric shapes. mrrr. Also have to finish my art journal. Scary. Everything’s due week from tomorrow.

For the landscape, I have to find examples of, um, landscapes, interiors, whatever. Then I have to turn some of them into abstracted landscapes. I’m sure it’ll help me to plan my own landscape, it’s just a lot of work.

Well it is when you add the journal into the mix. For the journal I have to make a cover; use a formal theme and personal theme (I think I’ll just use a guinea pig guide. *blink* I dunno, I can’t really think of anything else.); write an intro and conclusion; define a list of 100+ terms; write thoughts on the class, the projects, whatever; add my notes; include anything else I want. argh.

No Starcraft for me this weekend. :(