quicky (hopefully)

Thursday went to lecture and art. No printing lab, since we still didn’t get the new press. ^^;; A printing class without the printing press to work on. Um. Not much interesting in lecture. Art we had a critique. I was getting kind of antsy, and I kept fidgeting. Maybe because I had only half a cup of ocha in the morning, haha.

It’s kind of frustrating, in art, I don’t feel like I can do the best I can. I just don’t understand how to make what I’m doing better. Am I just … not a designer? Or maybe having an 11-week design course is completely different from the 16-week color and design class I had at a community college.

Mm, lessee, Thursday night I went to bed at 10:30ish then woke up after 8:30 the next morning. I had very weird dreams. O_o Also couldn’t fall asleep for a while. So I had a headache for part of the day. I’m wondering if it was because I didn’t have caffeine, though. I didn’t have caffeine Wednesday on purpose, and I didn’t have a problem (other than feeling tired *snrk*). But I had a full night’s (almost?) sleep Thursday/Friday and I get a headache? Unfair. ;-;

Today I mostly worked on my art journal. Throw in some random computer use there and you’ve got my day. Oh, and I went with C to Best Buy and Borders and Circuit City. Best Buy and Circuit City C was looking for a Wii controller (no luck). Borders we bought Simpsons season 2 at 40% off, and I got the Post Secret book and The Tenth Circle both for 25% off.

Now I really should get to bed.