once in a while

Well since I’ve had about … 9 hours to get over it, I’ll talk about my day. Er. Yesterday too.

Yesterday I typed up commentary then printed it out cut it out glued it down. Oh yeah. When I say “glue it down” I mean I have to follow a specific grid that I’m supposed to follow throughout the whole journal. I have to try to make everything align right and be straight and all that. I also talked to Lisa while doing it.

After that … I’m not really sure. *blink* OH! Before that I spent practically all that time putting together blog (and Livejournal) entries that I’d made about art class. And making them look nice, and editing out useless stuff, then printing them out. After, I just glued more stuff down. And I got to bed a bit after 11. ehehe.

Woke up about 8:30, glued some stuff down, got ready for my printing final and left at 9:30. Gave myself some time to study in the car. ^^; That was about all the studying I did, other than looking over the study guide the previous night. But can you believe it, I forgot my scantron. D’oh. Practically the one thing I told myself I needed to bring. Oh well. I bought one at the bookstore right before class. It’s a weird new design though. On the 882-E instead of the outlined boxes it has these green pill-shaped areas that (I assume) you color over. I don’t know why they changed it. I was wondering if it had something to do with cheating. *snicker* I think it’s very hard to hide your scantron answers from anyone who really wants to look at them.

I also decided to not buy scantrons in the package anymore. C was asking me whether he should buy the single scantrons or the ones in a package (why can’t he think about that for himself? O_o), and I was saying you save money with the ones in a package. But then I thought, you have to think about the pollution and whatnot that goes into making the plastic packaging. And probably all that plastic just gets tossed out in the trash to fill up landfills. So! It’s single scantrons for me. >) I’ll pay more to save the planet, yes I will!

Anyway. I bought matte board and vellum after the final. Came back here and put a matte frame around my pictorial space. Then I made folders and glued them into my journal and glued some last minute things in. Would you believe that took me four and a half hours? I even skipped lunch.

At 3:30 I grabbed my journal, my pictorial space composition, my purse, and my rubber cement pick-up and headed to my art class. It was about a third full when I got there. I spent the few minutes before 4 (the deadline) removing rubber cement. :o I didn’t get all of it though. But I definitely wanted to get it in. No more stress oh yay!

Except I remembered grades for the final were posted and I looked and I got a B-. *sniffle* I guess I’m gonna get a B in this class. I don’t know what my problem is. A B is above average. But to me it somehow feels subpar.

Well. I got back here and cleaned up the floor and kinda felt dejected. But after I made myself rewrite my notes for my final on Friday. I’m all the more determined to get an A in this class! And I need a pretty high A on the final to do that … bah. I dunno.

Now I’m really tired. But … I dunno. I don’t really feel like doing anything. Including sleeping.

Oh! I heard on the radio this morning “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by the Pretenders. ^_^ That was nice.

4 thoughts on “once in a while

  1. Noelle

    And probably all that plastic just gets tossed out in the trash to fill up landfills.

    Unless if you plan on recycling the plastic by melting it down and turning it into something useful. :P But oh wait, that would cause more pollution, wouldn’t it? Hmm…

  2. Jeidai

    Well yeah both of your points are true; I was just thinking that most people wouldn’t even think of recycling it, much less actually do it. I think most recycling programs allow only specific numbers (1–6) to be recycled, and plastic packaging normally doesn’t have a number. :(

  3. Jeidai

    o_o!! Yeesh. I remember when we could only recycle 1, 2, and 6. Then it switched to 1–5. Now the website just says “plastics” so I take advantage of it. >) As long as it’s not too tiny to be noticed, and not dirtied by food, if it’s plastic it goes in the blue bin!! Muahahahahaha!

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