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Okay, I haven’t been updating lately. I haven’t really felt up to it. I think I’m just floating through life at the moment. I’m not really enjoying much of it, and I’m just waiting for it to pass by.

That sounds bad. People would say I should change it. I don’t really know how. ._. Well I have general ideas. I don’t think I’d enjoy any of them though. Like getting involved in campus life? I … really would not like that.

It doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to do anything, but I want to do something, but I don’t want to be in school, but I don’t want to get a job, I just don’t want to do anything, but then I’d be bored, I should do something …

But anyway. Hm. I got four classes this quarter. Marketing class (361, for print production), Photoshop class (202), color theory class (art 132), and a sort of web 2.0 class (452). 13 units. Wow! Imagine that. I haven’t been a full-time student the past two quarters, just had 10 units.

I went credit/no credit with my art class. Because I’m really tired of art right now and I don’t want to stress over getting an A in there and it’s not a creative sort of curriculum (mix these paints, then mix those paints…). But now I feel like there’s this big stamped C grade on my transcripts. Stupid of me. It won’t bring down my gpa, but it doesn’t show my aptitude for the subject. Well I won’t do that with my major courses. Oh wait. O_o Art is one of my major courses. For my concentration. I wonder if I’m allowed to do a c/nc thing for major courses. *blink* Another thing to ask my advisor. And she’s not in all next week. Wauuugh!

I’m still not a big fan of my schedule, even though it’s been lessened some (M 8-11 2-4 5-7.5; T 8-11 12-1.5 3-4; W 2-4 6-7.5; Th 12-1.5 3-4). If parking were easier it’d be better. But that’s always the case, isn’t it? (I’m on campus M 8-7.5, T 8-4, W 12.5-4, 6-7.5; Th 8-4 to ensure I have a parking spot. *shifty eyes*)

For art I had the worst time getting all the required paints. First I went to the bookstore and managed to buy only the two black paints, purple, and an orange? And I bought the black paints in the wrong sizes. ._. Couldn’t get the watercolor brushes either. And all the art kits for the class were sold out. Ran to Michael’s and bought white in a tube instead of the bottle and maybe a couple more colors. When I went home over the weekend I went to Graphaid to buy more paints. I got a lot on the list but they didn’t have five that I needed, so I ordered them. Mum was going to pick them up and drive them up here ’cause I thought I’d need them this weekend but it turns out they couldn’t order three of them, and two of them won’t be in until maybe Tuesday next week when the guy said they should be there around Friday of last week, so I cancelled that (or rather, asked Mum to try cancelling it, ahaha).

Wednesday I learned the art kits are in, so I went in to see if the paints were stocked on the shelf since they would have been ordered to put in the kits, but only one or two were there so I put my name on the list for the art kit ($160 just for 5 paints, ha ha ha) and ended up buying it. Turns out that two paints still aren’t in, and that I’ll have to pick them up next Thursday-ish. Ugh. I have to return stuff in the art kit that I already have. Brushes, grey cards, lots of paints … I don’t know if I should return all the stuff after I pick up the rest of the kit, or if I have to rush before a return-in-#-days deadline. $160, geez. For five paints!

Yeah, I’m really tired of art. I’m wondering if the Color and Design class I took at MC can substitute for the Color and Design class at Cal Poly. Because I just don’t want to take anymore art classes. But I feel kind of guilty, like I’m ditching the teacher. Also, what more can I learn if I take the class? Because I really do want to go into design more, not printing. But … art … ugh.

For the Web 2.0 class I have to learn JavaScript. meep! I never thought I’d learn JS. I thought it was more likely that I’d learn php, hahaha. I dunno, I guess I think that JS is old and a bit of a drain, stuff, I don’t know. It’s not really CGI. Should draw a line there in my brain. Oh well. Should be interesting. *grin*

4 thoughts on “walk away from my life

  1. Noelle

    What do you do in your Web 2.0 class?

    I’m wondering if the Color and Design class I took at MC can substitute for the Color and Design class at Cal Poly.

    I think so. :D (I had to do something like that with a prerequisite for a Multimedia class and got it.) If not, best of luck with that class! ;o;

    What sort of paints are you using?

  2. Jeidai

    So far he’s lectured about (X)HTML and CSS. Most of the rest of the course will cover Javascript. One class session he lectures and the other we’re in the lab working on webpages.

    I hope so. ;.;

    Using Liquitex.

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