system overload!

*twitch* So much to dooo. I have a group project/report/presentation to work on over the weekend due Tuesday; project due Monday for art (have to repaint a few swatches, then glue allll the swatches down); copy over notes for all classes (minus art because meh); deplete my checking account for school registration and for rent (I have $1500 in savings ;_;); call a place about an apartment … *pokes fingers together* I dunno how to go about that really, I mean, what do I say?; I also have to start working on my art journal (four weeks left? ahhhh!); and I should finish the assignment for 452…

I just find it so hard to keep it all straight and not get overwhelmed. I keep writing this stuff all over the place. First this notebook that I write to-do lists in, then Livejournal, now here.

I’ve finally discovered this quarter that my “stress-less” life motto really means nothing. I stress very easily and don’t know how to handle it and I’m just nervous/anxious/twitchy all the time.

I can’t even write this entry in a nice straightforward manner. My mind just keeps jumping everywhere, mostly to “It’s past ten and you’re supposed to be in bed at 9 and omigosh you’re screwing up againnn you don’t have time to be doing this!”

Oh yeah, dishes need to be done. (Just heard C moving dishes around on the counter. :x)

I … want to … work on … my … websites! o_o But there’s no time!! Maybe I should stop going home on the weekends. But … I don’t know. I don’t really have an excuse. It’s like I overstress while I’m here and don’t really keep up with all the work, then I go home and don’t think about school at all, even if I’m trying to play catchup. (Going to school near home would have been the worst idea ever, I never do anything; I’m glad I went away to school.) I just love home.

But, um, there’s really no point to me saying that in this post … I guess I’m just writing random thoughts that I’ve had but didn’t really write about. Again, no time! Since Saturday I’ve thought about writing about one: Mitsuwa trip (fun!); two: sakura mochi (yucky, I could taste the pink, and the wood :o ); and three: interactions I’ve had with people (although that’ll go in my lj, not here).

Meh. Must get off computer!

2 thoughts on “system overload!

  1. Noelle

    Ahhhh…my sites are getting moldy (blog, AGC site and fanlistings that is). I think I just kinda ran low on ideas for them (layouts and content), but I still like having them around. :x

  2. Jeidai

    I ran out of ideas and stuff too, but since I’ve gone so long without working majorly on them (or maybe because my classes don’t really interest me), I’m getting all these ideas and want to work on them again. Arrrgh. I’ve got a Sticky on my desktop listing all the ideas I have, and it keeps getting longer and longer…

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