walk walk walk my winners out

You’d think, being awake for almost 11 hours now, that I would have accomplished more today.

What did I do today?

  • e-mailed prof about waitlist for next quarter
  • scanned art definition terms using OCR
  • scanned sketches for art journal
  • read lj friends list
  • went grocery shopping ($87)
  • made dinner
  • worked on studio five for 452
  • read (a lot of) The Count of Monte Cristo
  • read about brucine on Wikipedia (since I got to that exciting part of the book)

Yup, that’s pretty much it. Keep in mind that a lot of those didn’t require much of my time. So what did I do for all of today? O_o

I did not:

  • copy over (a lot of) notes
  • really really work on art journal or in other words:
  • redraw sketches for journal,
  • design journal,
  • and write up the terminology

And I told Mum I’d really work on my journal so I could go home the weekend before finals. Oi.

I guess I should at least work on the terminology…

edit: Oh, I played a lot of Spider Solitaire. *blink*