the sound I make

I haven’t updated in … quite a while. I kind of regret not recording that portion of my life. I say kind of because, well, I just didn’t have the time. But my memory sucks, and I tend to be sentimental about the past.

So, since I feel sort of … like posting my thoughts on a public area (thoughts of Animal Crossing coming to mind) and I kind of sort of have the time (foregoing my bedtime), I’ll write something here.

I found out where I messed up on mixing the colors for my four color harmonies. I combined the triadic (Magenta-Purple, Blue-Green, Yellow-Orange) and the split-complementary (Magenta, Blue-Green, Yellow-Green) schemes, and ended up mixing MP, BG, and YG. Gar. The thing is … the main thing is that I’m not awake enough to adequately explain my situation.

For the triadic, all three colors have to have the same grey value (the lightness or darkness) and the same saturation level. That’s what I was trying to do with the colors I mixed. But I messed up in the very beginning as well: I mixed in some complement to MP, which I’m supposed to do for the split-complementary scheme, but the thing that kills me is that it wasn’t even the direct complement, not for MP anyway, I used YG, the direct complement of M! What did I think I was using? What did I think I was doing? What did I think I was working on? Why do I keep typing other words in place of the ones I’m thinking of? (“that,” “tying”)

Ohhh welll … back to the drawing board color wheel colors (which I might have to mix more of, by the way, since I used up some YG and BG).

*blink* I don’t even know what I’m thinking. This is not the best condition for writing a blog post. (This … conditionS … *fixes incorrect grammar*)

Well. I was going to mix paints today after class. But it was so hot (in my car, anyway, almost MC levels o.o) and I have tomorrow morning to work so I decided to give myself a break and goof off. I wanted to make a new layout for the blog, but instead read articles on Wikipedia for a couple hours.

I planned to mix some paints tonight after dinner while watching Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, but GG was a rerun and VM wasn’t on. I ended up watching two hours of Dirty Jobs. XD I was going to go back on the computer but I was dragged in by Mike Rowe working at a lithographer’s! :o They used an old press … Voirin? Something like that … it was French.

So now I hope to mix paints tomorrow morning. Well not hope. I have to, because tomorrow’s the last day I see my teacher before I have to turn in the project, and I really don’t want to base the colors on only my trained-for-just-a-quarter eyes. Blah.