New layout. I can assure you that I have no clue where the inspiration for it came from. I was just doodling in 452 while he was going over CSS. XD;

I probably got an A- in 452. :/ It seems like he grades a bit on what he likes in websites, so I just can’t get high As on assignments. I got 90 on the last one. 90!!! Argh. And the final on Monday … I’m sure I didn’t do so well on that. Too much writing about code for me … I’m not a writer, I think in numbers and formulas and codes! *laugh*

361 I got a B. 85 on the final. o.o Well at least it’s one point higher than what I got on the midterm …

Art I earned a B+. Again. Despite all the stupid mixy paintiness of the class. Dang. One would think I don’t belong in the design industry. *snrk*

202 I’m getting an A. As long as I don’t bomb the final tomorrow. XD

Last part on life: Lately I’ve been getting flashes of memory randomly. One I remember, Saturday night Daddy was watching some post-game yakking about a basketball game, and when one commentator said “stood” (or “still,” not quite sure) I saw the exhibit at the L.A. Zoo with the meerkats (?), and how they all stand on the top, and then there’s this cave-y “underground” maze you can wander through.

I think yesterday, I don’t remember what brought it on, but I remembered Jichan and Bachan’s house, the driveway by that tree with the orange fruit things. Persimmon. I remembered it from the perspective of a child, when the yard was bigger and everything.

I’ve heard that your life flashes before your eyes before you die, but I’m sure that’s all in one instant, right? So what does it mean when you get bits and pieces of it over some course of time?