antsy today

I feel so antsy. o_o

Woke up at 9 this morning; ate breakfast (mochi with little fishies); washed dishes; took out the trash; vacuumed the living room, my room, the bathroom, and what C swept up from the kitchen; packed up most of my stuff (computer still being used); scanned random stuff I thought would make nice Photoshop brushes; and paid cable/internet bill. o.o Busy!

Now I don’t know what to do. I’ve got three hours left til I leave for my last final. I looked over the study guide last night, feel I know the stuff well enough to answer the questions. Just need to study the equations (ppi/dpi/lpi stuff).

And theeeen … I drive for three hours back to L.A.! Yay! I think I appreciate the drive more if I don’t have to drive back in less than 48 hours. And I’ve got good music to listen to. I think C is tired of it though, I keep listening to it in the car. XD Maria Mena (two latest albums), the Submarines, Evanescence (The Open Door), Muse (Absolution), Mirrormask soundtrack.

I think I should eat lunch. That would be a good idea. Then maybe I’ll watch a movie. Maybe.