’til we find our place

Bah, I’m tired of spring quarter already. Bring on summer vacation!

And I still get no enjoyment out of writing here. Funny.

Um. I got a full schedule. It’s actually 14 units. Woo. Haven’t done that since I had chem and pre-calc, but that was a semester system…

So far I have one art project although I haven’t had lab yet so technically I don’t have to work on it! >b Also a project for 218. Then I have to switch from one lab to another in 203. Fun stuff. But maybe I’ll get my computer way in the back this time. XD;

Uh. I went to bed at 9 last night. Woke up around 12ish, again around 1 or so, again around 4, and again a little while after that, then woke up at 6:30 because my radio volume was too low. Well at least it actually went off this time. Monday I forgot to turn it on. I forget what happened Tuesday. Maybe I still didn’t have it turned on.

Now I’m tired, and my side/back hurts because I guess I slept funny, but I can’t sleep because my mind won’t slow down, even though I didn’t have any caffeine this morning. !! I thought, hey I could stay up for a couple hours, then come back and nap for a little, and I didn’t want caffeine to ruin that, but I can’t sleep. o_o

I’m gettin’ into my groove here!

Monday and Tuesday I read Postcards from the Edge by Carrie Fisher, and I thought it was funny how the parts where the two characters were talking to their therapists (whatever) sounded similar to what I write in here. XP Or more similar to what I wrote in my Diaryland account.

Anyway. Um. Spent $85 on books. Might end up buying The Non-Designer’s Guide to Design by Robin Williams, but it’s not required so I don’t know. I’ll have to look at it. I got $5 last year for my marketing book. Er. Relationship selling book. If I don’t need my color theory book I’ll sell that back. Luckily I didn’t sell back the Printer’s Publishing Guide (?) from 202 ’cause it’s the required text in 203.

I have something like $3 in my Campus Express account. I have charged on my card so far: gas $26 (but I think Mum paid me for that, so meh), books $85, and I’ll need to charge $50 for Campus Express so I can eat. Um. But I’m trying to bring sandwiches from home. The problem with that is they don’t fill me up, I’m hungry half an hour or an hour later. I should bring something else to eat. But all I’ve got is junk food, like chips. I could bring fruit, but I hate warm fruit (left in the car), or squished fruit (left in my bag), same for veggies, and I especially hate eating apples in public, I don’t know why. Oh well.

I meant to rewrite notes from 202 but first I wanted to set up my speakers for music and realized I left the power supply at home (same with the battery-backup power strip for the desktop x.x) so after that I went meh and got sidetracked. But I should get back to that.

(…I wrote this in my journal originally, so excuse the ramblyness.)