Soou lazy! -_- I don’t think I have to do anything for tomorrow … but for Friday I should have an idea drawn up for art and also the group presentation I have to do, I have to make a slide …

For 320 I really should look at stuff for the group project … maybe there’s a quiz tomorrow or next week, I don’t know …

For 218 I need to work on the movie poster for next week, except I don’t know what needs working on, and I need to fix my resume, and ask my teacher about some of her mark-ups … apparently there was a student in her office for at least 40 minutes today. Blah. Couldn’t ask her today.

That is about it … except I just feel really lazy and I don’t wanna do any of it. I should make dinner. I’ve been hungry for about an hour now. But I dun wanna make dinner. It’s simple. I just make rice and warm up the gyouza. But … too lazy.

I also need to take a shower. That might make me feel more chipper. … Blah.

I upgraded WordPress to 2.2. Wow. The longest upgrade … ever. By upgrade I really mean upload. This time I didn’t even upload the default themes and plugins. My connection is so sucky this week. UGH.

This entry is terrible. Bad mood, sorry.

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